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Avoiding Toy Hazards: What to look out for while holiday shopping
Thursday, November 24th, 2016

This year OSPIRG, a consumer protection watchdog organization, released their 31st annual toy safety report, Trouble in Toyland, highlighting toy hazards on store shelves this holiday season. The report notes five common toy hazards that cause thousands of injuries to children each year: choking hazards, toxic hazards, ingestion hazards, fire hazards and laceration hazards. Choking is the leading cause […]

10 Tips to Staying Safe on Spring Break
Monday, March 28th, 2016

Spring break. A phrase synonymous with cutting loose and going wild. But how do we make sure that we’re getting into fun, and not getting into trouble? Before you pack your bags and hit the beach, let’s look at 10 tips from that should ensure a safe and fun spring break: Embrace The Buddy […]

Traveling Safely
Thursday, December 15th, 2011

We are coming in to the most chaotic season of the year – which makes it one of the most dangerous times to travel. Here’s a quick checklist to keep your family safe – and keep your sanity – this holiday season. Stay off facebook and Twitter, or at least be smart about sharing your […]

What Should You Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers?
Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Practicing good food safety habits is the best way to avoid foodborne illnesses. So with Thanksgiving weekend now a pleasant memory, the question becomes – what to do with all the leftovers? Katherine Zeratsky, a nutritionist with the Mayo Clinic, advises eating refrigerated turkey within four days. Freeze leftovers you want to keep longer. She […]

Beware of Holiday Scams!
Friday, December 24th, 2010

Christmas is almost here. The holiday season is in full swing. But, Attorney General John Kroger reminds us that this time of year can be holiday for con artists too: Many con artists take advantage of the hectic holiday season. Regardless of how you celebrate, Attorney General John Kroger urges Oregonians to be alert for […]

Holiday Heart Attacks
Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Did you know? Statistics show that you are more likely to die of a heart attack on Christmas or New Year's Day than any other day of the year. Experts are not sure why – more stress, time spent doing strenuous work (like shoveling snow) while off from work, poorly staffed emergency rooms, and high […]

Thanksgiving Turkey Safety Tips
Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!  Deep fried turkeys have a reputation for being juicy and tasty for their Thanksgiving guests.  Yet, there is fire risk that goes along with the great taste of a deep fried turkey because the turkey fryers combine gallons of boiling oil, open gas fires, and unstable frames. There are a few basic […]